Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The MOST Amazing Sorbet

Last weekend our family had game night - a monthly activity with the families of two close friends. It's an awesome time where we eat too much, laugh hysterically, and the kids completely destroy the house of whomever is hosting that month.  All go home happy and utterly exhausted.

For such an event, you can imagine most of the food brought is not allergy friendly. So, I am always prepared with special treats/dinner for Doodle. This past weekend, we wandered down the ice cream aisle at our local grocery store and discovered something new - Talenti Gelato and Sorbetto.  We bought the Gelato for some adult beverage making (with a little Kahlua -- YUM!) and the Sorbetto for Doodle.  I have to say, both were some of the best ice cream/sorbet I have ever tasted (and I work for an ice cream company!)  Doodle tried the Roman Raspberry version of the Sorbetto and fell in love. She asks every night "Mommy, can I have some of that delicious ice cream for dessert tonight."

My first taste of the Sorbetto reminded me of plucking a fresh, sweet, juicy, perfectly ripe raspberry from the bush and savoring the flavor as the juices tickled down my throat. The flavor is absolutely phenomenal! I also LOVE that the ingredients list is so simple:   Raspberries, water, sugar, dextrose, lemons, and carob bean gum. The simplicity and boldness of flavor is so astounding, I may pack up my ice cream maker and call it good. Doodle and I have found heaven in a pint.

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