Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Frustrating Day

Doodle had her annual doctor's visit today and Kindergarten vaccinations. This entire event was an exercise in frustration for me. So little is known, locally, about the impacts of diet on Autism and the complete resistance to the theory is frustrating to me. In order for Doodle to receive an allergy friendly lunch at school next year, I need a note from my doctor. I explained this to my doctor and she responded, "Well, I don't have a medical reason to give you that note. I can't tell you that the diet has made any difference in her developmental delays." Moments later, she comments "She really is a 'normal' kid, isn't she? I don't see any signs of a delay." I ask you - what do you think made this big of a difference?!!!

Why is it so easy to accept that diet plays a role in heart disease, diabetes, even cancer? Why can the medical establishment at least entertain the idea that diet plays a role in learning disabilities? Especially when presented with evidence like Doodle. She could see with her very eyes that Doodle was no longer the child with repetitive behavior, limited eye contact, and poor social skills. She could see with her very own eyes how she has transformed over the past year. Why is it so hard to believe that diet makes a difference?

I find myself becoming very angry at the whole establishment and wonder what I can do to better educate people. I've been on a mission to help people in the area understand the connection for some autistic kids and diet. Admittedly, it won't work for all kids, but as my friend says, it certainly won't hurt and most kids will see some form of improvement. Isn't it worth it, then, to try it? To give your child the best chance they have at recovery? Wouldn't you want that for your child? I know I do and I don't ever regret changing Doodle's diet. It's been life transforming for Doodle and that is what she deserves!

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