Friday, April 9, 2010

Kindergarten Transition Day

Doodle had Kindergarten Transition Day today. Her entire pre-school class (and parents) were able to experience kindergarten by attending a half day with an actual kindergarten class. We all met in the cafeteria, the pre-schoolers were divided up into 2 groups and we had a tour of the school. One group went to one classroom and Doodle got to attend Ms. Davidson's class. The parents stood on the side lines and watched as their children participated. I was particularily proud as I watched Doodle manuever her own scissors during the art project portion of the day. Six months ago this would have been an impossible feat for her, instead she followed instructions, sat nicely in her seat, listened careully, and made me a beautiful picture of a cow jumping over the moon!

The best part of the day for me came while we were playing out on the play ground. Her teacher pulled me aside to comment how far she has come. She remarked that she had been her substitute teacher several times last year and saw how she was (basically in her own world, un-social, poor eye contact, unable to follow directions, and unable to focus for any length of time.) She stated she was surprised how far she had come in that one short year and "If you had told me a year ago that diet had an impact on developmental delays, I would never have believed you. It's a great testament to you as a parent." Thank you for the validation, kind words, and for acknowledging the TREMENDOUS impact that diet has on all of us! Well said.

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