Sunday, March 21, 2010

Breakfast Hash

Spring has arrived in a big way this week - and Icouldn't be happier! Long walks with the dog, Doodle playing outside all weekend long, and best of all loads of SUNSHINE! We will be breaking out the ice cream maker in no time and trying some fresh sorbet's this year. I loved picking up a 2 pound package of the ripest strawberries at the grocery store today. Doodle ate a one pound container nearly all by herself this afternoon - oh how delicious!

To go with the strawberries today, Doodle's dad made a dairy free version of his favorite Everything Hash browns. We all dug in and enjoyed the tasty dish as our lunch this afternoon. Hope you enjoy as well!

Everything Hash Browns

4 pieces Nitrate Free Bacon - chopped
4 All Natural Sausages - chopped
1/2 Cup Nitrate Free Ham - diced
1/2 red pepper - diced
1/2 bag Hash Browns - any style
Dairy Free Butter
7 Eggs - beaten
2 Tbsp Dairy Free Milk
Salt and Pepper to taste
Anything else you want to throw into the mix!

1. Fry the bacon, sausages and ham in a pan until cooked thoroughly.
2. Fry hash browns in a large pan with dairy free butter until crispy. Add butter, if necessary.
3. Whisk eggs and milk together in a large bowl.
4. Add meat and red peppers to the hash browns and cook until red peppers are soft.
5. Stir in eggs and scramble with hash brown mixture.
6. Add salt and pepper and serve.

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